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Muskie SPARK Program-Week 2

Spark week 2 was a lot of fun! Lots of events happened…

The Muscatine Art Center visited the Kindergarten Art Class and did ocean projects.

The 6th Grade MCC Career Exploration Class had businesses visit and exposed students to careers in engineering, architecture, interior design, manufacturing, public safety

County Conservation brought live insects to the Kindergarten Insects Class to learn about the insect life cycle.

The 4th grade Sea Otter Biologist class had experiments about oil spills, along with County Conservation learning and drawing river otters.

The 2nd-grade Soccer for Success class is offered through a partnership with ISU Extension and US Soccer Federation.

County Conservation showed the 1st-grade Camping and Outdoors class how to set up a tent.

HNI held a robotics challenge with the 3rd-grade Coding and Robotics class.

The 3rd grade Making It/Tye Dye Class painted leaves with the Muscatine Art Center. The leaves will be part of art installation at the Stanley Center for Peace and Security.

Kent employees visited the 1st-grade Mudworks class and made oobleck. Kent also visited the 2nd grade Solid Liquids and Gases class and made elephant toothpaste.

What a fun time, with some learning thrown in! SPARK is so much fun and we cannot wait to see what the 3rd week holds!