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Post Secondary

Goal: Every student graduates from high school prepared for post-secondary education or career training.


SMART Targets:
Increase high school graduation at Muscatine County Schools within the Free and Reduced Lunch category from 79.9% in 2018 to 84.9% (21 students) by 2023.

Increase postsecondary enrollment within one year after high school of students of color from 60.1%* (92) to 70.1% (15 additional students) and students on FRL from 58.7%* (105) to 68.7% (18 additional students) by the class of 2023.

To view Post Secondary Opportunities in Muscatine County, please click HERE.

The post-secondary enrollment strategy network is focusing on increasing enrollment into post-secondary education. Currently, about 58% of high school seniors in Muscatine County enroll in post-secondary education. However, by 2025 70% of jobs in Iowa will require a post-secondary degree or certification.

The group organized FAFSA nights at Muscatine and West Liberty High Schools in the fall of 2019. Many members of the network attended a viewing of the documentary Personal Statement hosted by the Quad Cities LCAN. The documentary focuses on three seniors at Brooklyn high schools struggle to get themselves and their peers to college. Muscatine Community College hosted an event for about 30 Muscatine High School students to watch the documentary, sit in on a student and faculty panel, participate in a post secondary transitions steps game, tour the campus, and enjoy a catered lunch. The documentary was also incorporated into some classes at the three high schools. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, the high schools were not able to host College Decision Day events as planned. The group designed yard signs for seniors to recognize their success and achievements.

The strategy network was accepted into StriveTogether’s Post Secondary Transitions Action Community. This initiative offers partnerships the opportunity to narrow in, focus on, and work to increase the number of Black, Latinx and low-income high school graduates completing requirements and effectively transitioning into a postsecondary environment through the use of collaborative improvement techniques. This includes the use of disaggregated data, peer-to-peer learning, coaching, and expert support from IHI and experts in the field. This work is guiding the strategy networks plans for the 2020/2021 school year.

Post-Secondary Strategy Network Members:
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach-Muscatine County Latinos Outreach Program
Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency
Muscatine Community College
Muscatine Community School District
West Liberty Community School District
Wilton Community School District