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Muskie SPARK Program-Week 3

Week 3 of spark was a blast! Each week is such a fun time for these students, and to top it all off…these students are learning!

Muscatine County Conservation visited the 2nd grade with Birds of Prey.
An ISU Ext and Outreach Master Gardener visited the 4th grade to show them the World of Gardening.
Artist Nancy Judd visited 3rd graders with Making It Tye Dye for an outdoor art activity
The Hawkins Family brought their camper for 1st grade Camping and Outdoors.
Artist Nancy Judd will visit 3rd grade Mystery Festival for a nature art activity.
ISU Extension brought their travelling Water Rocks exhibit for the 3rd and 4th graders to see.
MPW introduced the 5th grade to engineering.
County Conservation visited Kindergarteners with Down on the Farm.
MPW visited 1st grade Science Rocks to test water from the fire hydrant.
MCC did career exploration with Musser Library and Live Laugh Love childcare.
ISU Extension’s Master gardener had kids sample carrots, pea pods, and hummus in Gardening Class.