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Early Education

Goal: Every child enters Kindergarten ready to learn.

SMART Targets:
Increase available 0-5-year-old child care slots (1653 as of July 2021)) by 10% (165) by the summer 2023.

Increase the number of partners delivering curriculum and marketing focused on early childhood development by 10% by fall 2023.

The Muscatine County Family Effectiveness Coalition is acting as AIM’s Early Education Strategy Network.  The Early Education Strategy Network’s goal is to increase the percentage of children who enter Kindergarten ready. The group focused this year on maintaining support for preschool transportation and increasing child care access in our county.  A total of 33 preschoolers were transported by Non Emergency Transportation to community preschool programs. The total number of children transported each month changed as parents’ work schedules and transportation needs changed. This program is able to continue because of funding from Muscatine Charities.

Members of the group partnered with the Iowa Women’s Foundation to assess the state of child care in Muscatine County and develop an action plan to address community needs. A Child Care Community Event was hosted at the end of August of 2019.  During the event, attendees learned about local child care data, the important role that child care plays in our community, and about trends and solutions across the state.

After the event, attendees formed two action teams focusing on increasing child care availability through increased provider training and partnerships with businesses. The child care Fast Track training for individuals interested in being child care providers that was scheduled for June 2020 was postponed due to the coronavirus. Three local employers are working with community partners to evaluate how they can support childcare in Muscatine.

Active Family Effectiveness Coalition Members:
A Child’s Place Preschool
Early Childhood Iowa Muscatine County
Iowa State University Ext. & Outreach-Muscatine County
Lutheran Services in Iowa
Mississippi Bend AEA
Muscatine Community School District
Muscatine Community YMCA
Muscatine County Conservation
Musser Public Library
Parents as Teachers
United Way of Muscatine
UnityPoint New Horizons
UnityPoint Trinity Muscatine Public Health

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