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The Last Dollar Scholarship

Morgan Mauer was a highschool student with a goal of attending Muscatine Community College to attain her Veterinary Technician Degree.  As with most students headed to college, paying for college was a concern for Morgan.  After talking with her school counselor she found that she would be eligible for grants and scholarships by filling out the FAFSA.  Her counselor had also let her know she would be eligible for the Last Dollar Scholarship which covers tuition gaps not covered by other federal and state grants or scholarships for certain programs. Morgan says, “The process of applying for the last dollar scholarship is pretty easy and everyone should do it if they get the opportunity. Once filling out FAFSA you automatically already ‘applied’ for the scholarship.”  

Morgan found out she had received the scholarship by looking at the awards page on her EICC profile.  She wasn’t sure if she had gotten the scholarship or not, but when she needed to start paying for her classes, she says “the scholarship was there, and the excitement I had with it.”  Morgan was very excited and thankful for receiving the scholarship and knowing her hard work had paid off.  Morgan encourages others to apply for this scholarship and others. “If you have the opportunity to apply for this scholarship or any other scholarship that could help you out with paying for school, I would highly recommend doing it as it could help you out a lot in the future.”

For more information on programs eligible for the Last Dollar Scholarship, please visit  To submit your FAFSA Application please visit  The deadline to apply for aid programs in Iowa for the 2021-22 school year is July 1, 2021.