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2nd Annual Report

Aligned Impact Muscatine Releases 2017/2018 Annual Report


Muscatine, IA:  Aligned Impact Muscatine’s 2017/2018 annual report shows that we can improve our community by working better together. Kindergarten readiness, chronic absenteeism, post-secondary enrollment, and under-employed adults are areas that Aligned Impact Muscatine’s strategy networks are focusing on improving.

“We’ve had gains in some areas and setbacks in others”, explained Kim Warren, AIM Director. “These are complex problems that we are trying to address. When we see that the data isn’t moving in the right direction that gives us an opportunity to change course and adjust our action plans.”

One area that has seen huge gains is the increase in Kindergarten Readiness. In the fall of 2015 50% of Muscatine Community School District Kindergarteners were Kindergarten Ready, as measured by the FAST Assessment. In the fall of 2017 that number increased to 64%. “Many community organizations have been working together to help children be Kindergarten Ready.” explained Tangie Viner, Early Childhood Iowa Muscatine County Director. “We’ve worked to make preschool more accessible for families and we are educating parents about the importance of early literacy activities.”

Click here to view AIM’s Annual Report.

About Aligned Impact Muscatine: Aligned Impact Muscatine is a grant-funded initiative that uses the collective impact framework to address some of our community’s most pressing issues. AIM brings together all sectors of the community to try to achieve its goals:

-Increase the percentage of Muscatine students who graduate from High School.

-Increase the percentage of post-secondary completion.

-Increase training opportunities for adults to address unemployment and underemployment, to enable a workforce capable to sustain and grow Muscatine’s economy.

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