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Early Education Strategy Network

Too many Muscatine Community School District students enter Kindergarten behind. Children need an early foundation of strong language development to set the stage for their success in reading, math, and social interactions. Research (1) shows that the spoken language that babies and toddlers experience, particularly in the early years of their life, helps build their brains cognitively, emotionally, and socially. Children who experience less spoken words can be behind in readiness for school. Even more important than words for brain growth, are the back and forth interactions between child and adult. When a parent talks to their baby and the baby coos back, that is
building the child’s brain.

The Muscatine County Family Effectiveness Coalition is acting as AIM’s Early Education Strategy Network. The early education strategy network’s goal is to increase the percentage of children who enter Kindergarten ready. To reach their goal the strategy network is working to:

  • Educate the community on the importance of early talk, promote early literacy activities (help parents identify opportunities for children to develop relationships through activities)
  • Increase access to and promotion of 3 & 4 year old preschool
  • Child care – help parents identify what quality child care looks like and evaluate the state of child care in Muscatine County

Members of Family Effectiveness Coalition focusing on School Readiness:

A Child’s Place Preschool
Early Childhood Iowa Muscatine County
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach – Muscatine County
Lutheran Services in Iowa-HOPES Program
Mississippi Bend AEA
Muscatine Community School District-Early Education
Muscatine Community School District-Parents as Teachers
Muscatine Community YMCA
Muscatine County Conservation
Musser Public Library
UnityPoint New Horizons
UnityPoint Public Health
United Way of Muscatine

Click here to learn more about preschool registration. 

(1)Beyond the 30-Million-Word Gap: Children’s Conversational Exposure Is Associated With Language-Related Brain Function, Rachel R. Romeo, Julia A. Leonard, Sydney T. Robinson, Martin R. West, Allyson P. Mackey, Meredith L. Rowe, John D. E. Gabrieli, February 2018