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Post-Secondary Completion

The post-secondary completion strategy network has been focusing on increasing enrollment into post-secondary education. High school counselors have been assisting students with college applications. A series of workshop were planned in the fall where volunteers helped students and families fill out the FAFSA. A College Decision Day celebration is being planned for the end of the spring semester. This group will continue to identify barriers that families and students are facing to post-secondary enrollment and completion.

Organizations focused on post-secondary enrollment and FAFSA completion:

  • Muscatine Community College
  • Muscatine Community School District
  • United Way of Muscatine
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Muscatine County
  • Iowa State University Extension and Outreach – Muscatine County Juntos Program (Together for a Better Education)
  • Mississippi Bend AEA
  • West Liberty Community School District