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Academic Success

The academic achievement strategy group was able to quickly align many community resources to start a pilot project with 6th graders. The ISU Ext. & Outreach Leadership Development curriculum, called Ricochet, is being done during last period with a group of students that the middle school staff identified. While these students aren’t the typical students who are chosen for leadership opportunities, the school staff sees great potential in these students. The curriculum is being implemented by United Way of Muscatine Women United volunteers. This pilot project exemplifies the success collective impact can have when multiple organizations align existing resources together.

The strategy group also provided meals during fall high school parent-teacher conferences, in an effort to engage more parents with the school. This group also helps coordinate the Attendance Matters commercial that airs on Muscatine Power & Water cable. Long term this group is looking at how all the needs of families can be met in a more coordinated way to help students be successful in school.

Organizations focused on chronic absenteeism:

  • Muscatine Community School District
  • United Way of Muscatine Women United
  • Iowa State University Extension and Outreach – Muscatine County
  • Trinity Muscatine Public Health
  • Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry